Soybean Oils

Coatings, Cosmetics, Detergents, Esters, Fatty alcohols, Leather finishing, Liquid soaps, Personal care, Resins, Surfactants

Product Information:
  • Soybean oil is extracted from the Soybean seed through cracking, heating and solvent extraction. The oil is comprised primarily of Linoleic and Oleic acids but also Linolenic, Stearic and Palmitic acids.

  • Refined Soybean Oil is the more widely used of the various grades.

  • I.P. Soybean Oil stands for Identity Preserved and is a guaranteed non-GMO product.

  • Partially Hydrogenated Soybean Oil is produced by cooking the oil at a very high temperature, mixing it with a catalyst and blowing in hydrogen. The oil is used as a preservative for consistency of foods and extension of shelf life.

  • Soybean oil can be processed into Blown Soybean Oil by oxidizing the oil at high temperatures. It is valuable when a high viscosity oil is required.

  • Low IV Soybean Oil has similar properties and uses to Low IV palm oil. It works well as a lubricant, encapsulating agent, stabilizer and emulsifier.

  • Soy Methyl Esters is a green product which can substitute for solvent based products. It is also used in biofuels.