Castor Products

Adhesives, Candles, Coatings, Cosmetics, Emulsifiers, Greases, Hydraulic fluids, Inks, Lacquers, Lubricants, Manufacture of esters, Metal working, Personal care, Phenolic resins, Plastics, Plasticizers, Polishes, Textiles

Product Information:
  • Hydrogenated Castor Oil is a wax-like product available in flake form, powder or liquid. It is produced by the infusion of hydrogen with a nickel catalyst.

  • Hydrogenated Castor MP-70 and MP-80 are partially hydrogenated oils with lower melt points which work well in cosmetic applications.

  • Sebacic Acid is available in powder, bead or granular form with both industrial and cosmetic applications.

  • 2-Octanol (Capryl Alcohol) is an 8-carbon, secondary alcohol derived from castor oil. It is also known as Capryl alcohol or Methyl Hexyl Carbinol.

  • Methyl 12 Hydroxystearate is a low melting point wax used as a modifier for different waxes or in the manufacture of high performance grease.

  • Jagrocin 100 is a high molecular weight fatty acid that can be reacted with different bases for different soaps.

  • Jagroplast-BR is an ester plasticizer providing low temperature flexibility and low viscosity to many products in which it is incorporated.

  • Jagrowax 140 is a synthetic high melt wax and is non-corrosive.

  • 2-Octanone (Methyl Hexyl Ketone) is an 8 carbon Ketone often used in perfume or a flavor intermediate.

  • Jagrolube-PR is a hindered ester used in refrigeration oils, aviation lubricants and engine oils.

  • Jagropol-500 is a solventless medium viscosity polyol with ether and ester groups.

  • Blown Castor Oils are produced by oxidizing Castor oil at very high temperatures. It can be blown or polymerized to several different viscosities.