Palm Oils

Cooking oils, Detergents, Emulsifiers, Frying oil, Margarines, Non-dairy creamers, Shortenings, Soaps, Biodiesel

Product Information:
  • Palm Oils are derived from the pulp or fleshy portion of the palm fruit and are high in Palmitic acid (32-47%). Due to a near total absence of unsaturated fats, Palm oil is stable at high temperatures. Like Coconut oil, Palm oil can be split and fractionated to create Palm Olein and Palm Stearin.

  • Palm Olein has 55% unsaturated fat, is a soft oil and is better for heart health. It is trans fat free. Olein has narrow specifications.

  • Palm Stearin is a hard oil. Stearin can be produced with various specifications for different applications.

  • Low IV Palm Oil works well as a lubricant, encapsulating agent, stabilizer and emulsifier.